Experience Matters: Unveiling the Truth Behind Real Estate Transactions

Experience Matters: Unveiling the Truth Behind Real Estate Transactions

Here’s why an agent's number of transactions is more important than years. 


Today, I'd like to discuss the importance of experience in the real estate industry. How do you determine if you're hiring an experienced real estate agent? Is the number of years in business the most crucial factor? While it may seem that way, it's important to proceed with caution. The key aspect of an agent’s experience is actually the number of transactions they’ve completed

Consider this: If an agent has been in business for 20 years but has only completed 40 transactions throughout their career, that might not be as impressive as it initially seems. On the other hand, imagine an agent who has been in the industry for just three years but has successfully closed 30 transactions each year, totaling 90 transactions. In this case, the latter agent would be the preferable choice.


"Transactions matter more than years."

Therefore, when interviewing potential real estate agents, focus on the number of transactions they have successfully completed, rather than solely considering their years in the business. If they are part of a small team, inquire about the team's collective transaction history, aiming for at least 500 transactions. At Amalfi Estates, we have an average of 150 transactions per year, surpassing what the average agent accomplishes throughout their entire career.

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