AB-1466 Aims to Eradicate Restrictive Covenants

AB-1466 Aims to Eradicate Restrictive Covenants

Many L.A. properties still have restrictive covenants in their fine print.

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to discuss another very serious topic—restrictive covenants. Now, while no longer legal, they stated that property could not be bought or sold by a non-Caucasian. This discriminatory language remains in fine print in many L.A. properties’ recorded documents. The first time I read this language, it was shocking and disturbing that this was part of our country's history. To help right this wrong, Governor Newsom signed AB-1466 in September 2021 to remove this discriminatory language. This law deletes racist and discriminatory language from property documents such as grant deeds by creating and recording a redacted version of each document that included the restrictive covenant language.

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