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Wedding Venue in France

Wedding Venue in France

Looking for a wedding venue in France?  We have the perfect solution!  Built in 1032, Chateau St Philippe is one of France’s oldest renovated chateaus, almost 1,000 years old. Perched on a rocky outcrop looking across a wide valley, the Alps & Mont Blanc are stunning panoramic backdrop. It is in the glorious Haute Savoie region of France known for its natural beauty, close to the French Alps and only a one hour drive from Torino (Turin) in Italy.

Getting married in the center courtyard surrounded by the beauty of France may very well be a bride’s dream come true.  We are now offering this 10 bed, 13 bath Chateau at an amazing monthly rate.  Perfect for having the wedding and the honeymoon in the same location!

Chateau St. Philippe has undergone many changes in its long history since construction began in 1032.  Originally a priory, or monastery, the Chateau was built at St. Jean by the Benedictine monks of St. Andre Le Bas and was named St. Ours. Queen Ermengarde gave the property to the monks in 1032. At the time of the gift, there was a small church on the property.  In 1334, St. Ours became known as St. Philippe de la Porte, or St. Philippe of the Door.

By 1370 the church and cloister had fallen into disrepair and almost 90 years passed before the property was restored. In 1458 the head priest, Jean the Second of Grolee, reconstructed St. Philippe in flamboyant style.  In 1591, the priory was made part of the Jesuit College of Chambery and served as a secondary school.

In 1793, St. Philippe became a national treasure belonging to the French Republic. About this time, the two towers of St. Philippe that faced St. Pierre were decapitated.  In 1828, Baron Charles-Albert Favier du Noyer, Count of Chambost, purchased the property and changed the old priory into a Chateau. He demolished the west half, including the chapel, rebuilt the east towers, enclosed the second floor with a gallery of wood and built the terrace that dominates the valley, opening up the monastic rooms.

In 2001 an American family purchased the Chateau St. Philippe. Since then, it has been completely restored. It has recently emerged from a five year restoration and been brought back to its former glory. The restoration has been tastefully done with care to represent the best of its historical past, adding all the modern touches that will preserve and protect it for generations to come.

The Chateau’s caves feature entry level with bar and seating area, access to lower garden and center courtyard, along with two additional spacious levels.  The suggested indoor seating capacity is 120 plus accommodations can be made for outdoor seating with canopy.  This makes Chateau St. Philippe the perfect wedding venue in France!

Be sure to reserve Chateau St. Philippe for your wedding venue or just a long vacation in the gorgeous French countryside.

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