Selling a Home in a Tornado Market

Selling a Home in a Tornado Market

Explaining why some homes aren’t selling in a tornado market. 


What is a tornado market? The president of Coldwell Banker coined this real estate term to describe our current market. Essentially, a tornado housing market is one where one home sells quickly while a very similar property nearby sits on the market for months longer than the other house.


For those in California, think of it as if a fire burned down a house, but the neighbor's house remained intact for no apparent reason. This is happening quite often right now in the current market. We have more unpredictability, where things don’t make much sense why one property would sell quicker over another. 


However, I think two of the biggest contributing factors to this market behavior are likely due to pricing and the agent you choose to work with, especially now that interest rates are rising and buyers expect to get great value. 


If you want to sell, having one of the top agents in the market who's very experienced will help you get a successful deal. To learn more about selling in today’s tornado market, or anything else related, call or email me. I’d love to connect with you!

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