PATH: People Assisting the Homeless

PATH:  People Assisting the Homeless

The team at Amalfi Estates believes very strongly in giving back to our communities.  By establishing long term collaborative relationships with local non-profits, we hope to not only bring value to our community, but to encourage our clients, business partners, and neighbors to strive to do the same thing.

After many years of donating hundred of thousands of dollars, in 2016, Amalfi Estates launched a strategic philanthropy program which focuses on five core areas: the Palisades community, homelessness, children, health, and animals. By focusing on five issue areas, Amalfi Estates is able to better develop relationships with nonprofits that serve these causes, and therefore create meaningful impact for those in need.

As real estate professionals, we understand the importance of having a home to call your own.  For this reason, many of Amalfi Estates’ philanthropic efforts are focused on resolving the issue of homelessness in our home state. One local group we have chosen to support the efforts of is  PATH:  People Assisting the Homeless.

PATH’s mission is to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities.  Ever since it was founded in 1983, PATH has pioneered bold and effective approaches to assist people experiencing homelessness. PATH operates services throughout California, connecting clients to a comprehensive continuum of homelessness prevention, street outreach, employment preparation and placement assistance, individualized case management, supportive services, interim housing, and permanent supportive housing.

PATH started out distributing food and clothing to people living on the streets. Now, over thirty years later, they have over 20 locations throughout California.The group developed the groundbreaking PATH Mall, which makes accessing homeless services easier by bringing together several providers in one central location. They have become the largest provider of rapid re-housing services, with more than 1,000 units of permanent supportive housing either completed or in the development pipeline. And, most importantly, PATH serves thousands of homeless neighbors in the state of California every single year.

Amalfi Estates is honored to be able to help such a worthy cause.  To learn more about PATH, visit them here, and to learn more about Amalfi Estates’ charitable partners, click here.

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