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Modern Living in Dallas

Modern Living in Dallas

In the ever-changing world of architecture, a new style is making waves in Dallas: Construction-Chic, or Home Depot-ism. This unique concept is turning heads, and among the standout homes designed by Marek Architecture is 901 Blackland Court. This house promises to capture the attention of homebuyers and design enthusiasts for its bold and eye-catching features.

Located in Urban Commons, Dallas' newest modernist community, 901 Blackland Court is a shining example of innovative design and expert construction. This 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home offers 2,200 square feet of thoughtfully designed space, aiming for a low-maintenance and eco-friendly lifestyle. From its solid foundation to custom lighting by Focus Design, every detail of this home speaks to quality and innovation.

The most striking feature of 901 Blackland Court is its raw, unfinished look. Built without sheetrock, the home exposes framing, plywood, and joist hangers. This look isn't a result of unfinished construction but a deliberate design choice that blends construction elements into the aesthetic. This bold approach challenges traditional home design norms and offers a unique living experience.

High-end lighting and large windows fill the interior with natural light, creating a bright and open atmosphere. The Lutron lighting system adds convenience with app-controlled features. The home embraces sustainability with its energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, designed to seamlessly integrate with solar panels. Every room strives to balance style and function while providing a comfortable and modern living environment. An unexpected bonus of this exposed design is the ease of inspection, making it a walk in the park for any inspector!

Thomas Rhodes of Compass, who holds the listings, believes this bold design is here to stay. "The placement of outlets, vents, lighting, and other elements shows that the unfinished look is intentional," says Rhodes. "This innovative home design is sure to catch people's eyes for its unique aesthetic, sustainability features, and the intriguing blend of raw and refined elements."

Homes in this innovative community are priced from $699,000 to $724,900, offering a unique lifestyle that combines modern design with sustainability and affordability.

However, it’s unclear how the homes might handle the elements with no apparent insulation in the walls. The exposed design, while visually striking, raises questions about energy efficiency and weather resistance. Without insulation, homes could face challenges in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, potentially leading to higher energy costs and discomfort during extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, a future owner could easily come in and install drywall and insulation, adding another layer of customization to these already unique homes. 

Whether Construction-Chic will become the next big trend remains to be seen. However, for those willing to embrace this new style, 901 Blackland Court offers a chance to be part of an architectural revolution. As Dallas continues to grow, homes like this show the city's commitment to pushing the limits of modern living.

In a city known for its growth and diverse architectural styles, 901 Blackland Court is a bold addition that promises to redefine modern living. With its exposed construction elements, high-end finishes, and sustainable features, this home is more than just a place to live; it's a statement that challenges the usual ideas of home design.

For those interested in this concept and eager to explore this new community, 901 Blackland Court is waiting. It’s not just a home; it’s an experience that could represent the future of urban living.

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