Hancock Park

Major Henry Hancock was given ownership to a large ranch in Los Angeles known as Rancho La Brea, in 1860. Under the surface of the property was a mass quantity of crude tar [called brea in Spanish] thus, the ranch was named Rancho La Brea. In the 1870's, Hancock found the skeletal remains of dinosaurs as well as one Indian woman within the tar pits. The area that contains the skeleton collection and the Tar Pits is what is now called Hancock Park. Major Henry Hancock also owned the land to the east which includes the residential area of Hancock Park.
  • Hancock Park Home Owners Association
  • Jim Wolf, president
  • c/o 157 N. Larchmont Blvd. 90004
  • 323-931-5478
  • Boundaries: Wilshire to Melrose, Highland to Rossmore
  • Web site
The website listed above is a very detailed and helpful website for anyone interested in learning about the Hancock Park area. Maintained by the Hancock Park Home Owners Association, the website includes information on zoning, boundaries, preservation, monthly and weekly newsletters, and even guidelines for the filming industry. If you are interested and would like to be more acquainted with Hancock Park, please visit www.hancockparkhomeownersassociation.org.
  • Hancock Park Residents Association
  • Michael Rosenberg, president
  • 323-692-6960
  • 4929 Wilshire Blvd. #910
  • Los Angeles 90010

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