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"Thank you Anthony for doing such a great job of marketing and selling our home of 40yrs. You and your team were a pleasure to work with easy to reach when needed. Your marketing and photography was fantastic, especially the video tour of our house. As a result, we had multiple offers over our asking price within a few days after listing our house,. Finally, we closed escrow in 30 days easily.

We would highly recommend Amalfi Estates and Anthony to anyone looking for excellent service and attention to detail in home marketing."

– Kerry and Melinda

"Anthony Marguleas and his team at Amalfi Estates are absolutely the best. Anthony has an amazing, in depth knowledge of the real estate market in the Pacific Palisades and surrounding areas. He is an excellent negotiator, patient, fair and firm. Sarah, fully licensed agent in Anthony's office, was responsible for showing my previous home, which whilst an attractive property certainly has its challenges. Anthony and Sarah did an amazing job with patience and persistence selling this property.

With enormous patience and good humor Sarah showed me homes for sale uphill and down dale until eventually we found my "spacious cottage".

I highly recommend Sarah and Anthony should you be in the market to sell or buy a property in this area- they are absolutely the best!"

– Reca Gerchik

"I have been working with Sarah Knauer of Amalfi Estates to purchase a new home. Not only is she incredibly knowledge about the Los Angeles market but is also very understanding during the process and has been able to answer really any question we have had. She has a great handle on what would would be our next home and has really held our hand through the entire process. Once we find our new home we will be listing our current one with her. She is the type person that you definitely want to work with both for buying and selling."

"We loved working with Sarah Knauer of Amalfi Estates. She is a very knowledgable agent with a great attitude. We bought our home almost 2 years ago and still call her with questions and she is always eager to help. Thank you Sarah"

"I highly recommend Sarah Knauer of Amalfi Estates! She is a pleasure to work with! She is knowledgable about the market/real estate process, prompt, easy to reach, accommodating, personable and thoughtful. She handled the sale of our house as well as the purchase of our new home. On both sides of the table, she was fantastic. Sarah made the sale and purchase smooth and simple for us--and she worked around our schedules. She made herself easily available by phone/text to answer any questions that came up too. I am so glad we chose to work with Sarah and would highly recommend her services!"

"Anthony Marguleas is the reason my wife and I own a home we love. Anthony took the time to really educate us on the market and how to look at a house and property. When we found the house of our dreams we decided put in an offer 45 minutes after our appointment and the broker representing the house said that they were not taking anymore offers. Anthony immediately called her boss (who he knew) and the boss took our offer. We later discovered that the broker representing the house also represented three other buyers that made offers and didn’t want the house going to a buyer she didn’t represent. Everyday we are grateful to live in a house that we love, but the deal would not have happened without Anthony's perseverance and insider knowledge. Anthony was amazing throughout the entire process and continues to offer his insight and expertise."

Keith Bogan

Anthony, Jamie and Victoria were the team that helped sell our house. They were fantastic every step of the way and they will be my first call any time that I want to buy or sell a home on the west side of LA. I Highly recommend them to everyone.

Briar was absolutely wonderful in helping my wife and me buy our first home in the Brentwood Glen area. She did an amazing job helping us navigate through the entire process including negotiating, securing inspections, making repairs and getting our keys! Briar was also quick to respond to any of our text messages or calls. I could not imagine having any other agent but her. She's the best!

"Anthony, Jamie and Victoria of Amalfi Estates were the team that helped sell our house. They were fantastic every step of the way and they will be my first call any time that I want to buy or sell a home on the west side of LA. I Highly recommend them to everyone."

– Rob Morrison

"Amalfi Estates is an amazing contributor to our community. As a supporter of the American Cancer Society, and numerous other non-profit organizations, this company leaves a remarkablere footprint in the area they serve. We could not be more appreciative of the support they give our organization."

– Crystal Herring Yelverton

"Homeboy Industries is so grateful for the partnership with Amalfi Estates!! Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women, allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. Our work over 30 years has impacted thousands of families and given those ready to transform their lives a place to thrive in community. As we provide trauma informed education, job training and couseling and free tattoo removal, we welcome all to realize you are not the worst thing you have ever done.

And this why we give 5 Stars to Anthony and his team - for the belief that these lives matter and that they can be transformed. We appreciate Amalfi Estates standing with us, and including us with their non-profits of choice - PATH, MakeaWish, American Cancer Society and spcaLA. It is an honor to stand beside these agencies, and to encourage relationship with Homeboy Industries to all.

The multiple donations, and weekly advertisements in the papers which include the Homeboy Industries logo give us hope that the challenges and obstacles of the reentry population are seen by the Amalfi group and their clients -- and that their partnership will encourage others to discover the work, success and heart of the world's largest gang rehabilitaion agency"

– Alexa Rousso

"Five stars for Amalfi Estates! My brother and I were in the situation of having to sell our mother's home in the Pacific Palisades long distance, since we both live in VA. The house, while well-loved, wasn't in fantastic shape. It certainly was not the typical zillion dollar PP listing that I would imagine realtors lust after. And yet Anthony and his team were in equal measure kind, hard-working, and strategic. We never doubted they had our best interests at heart, and we never felt like we got the "discount treatment" because the value of the property was lower than the median in that area. Plus, Amalfi donates 10% of its commission to a local charity. In an industry filled with all kinds, you are in great hands with these guys."

Eloise Parker

"I am not a big reviewer, but I had to leave a review for Victoria of Amalfi Estates after our last encounter! My husband and I have been looking casually for a home in the Palisades area on and off for sometime and have had the pleasure of running into Victoria at multiple open houses. Not only did she remember us, she could recall details of our previous conversations! She is truly personable and a pleasure to see! When we bite the bullet and get more serious about our looking, we will be calling Amalfi!"

Sydney Roth

"Lainie Citron of Amalfi Estates was amazing! Definitely one of the best agents I've ever met or worked with. She made the process of finding a home in the Palisades not only simple but also fun. She was patient, knowledgeable and resourceful. I can't wait to work with her again in the near future."

– William Pan

"I have known and worked with Anthony of Amalfi Estatesfor 15 years, he has helped me purchase a house and I happily refer him to my clients. I rely on him for up to date knowledge and sound advice, it has been rewarding seeing him expand and grow Amalfi Estates over the years. Success has not changed the company, they still make you feel like their highest priority providing advice tailored to your best interests and share their prosperity by giving back to the community."

– Alison Glen

"Anthony and the entire team at Amalfi Estates were so amazing when it came to helping us purchase a new home. The Amalfi Estates team was so detailed and diligent when it came to finding the best home to suit our needs and negotiating the best deal possible. It gave us so much peace of mind knowing we had the expertise of this team on our side! I am so thankful we found Amalfi Estates and we will certainly work with them again when we sell our current home and purchase a new one!"

Rebecca Baron

"I love working with Sarah at Amalfi Estates. She is intelligent, professional, and a very hard worker. She respects my time and has always made my interests her highest priority."

Joseph Ahdoot

"We started working with Anthony and Sarah of Amalfi Estates three years ago. We finally closed escrow last week. During this long period of time the Amalfi team demonstrated their excellence, professionalism, the knowledge, patience and creativity to us. In the past more than thirty years, we have lived in many cities in both east and west coasts, and encountered with many real estate agents. Amalfi team is the best."

Xiaohua Zhang

"Anthony Marguleas of Amalfi Estates really cares about his clients. Whenever there is a proposed purchase of a residence, he suggests to his clients to have an architect give them an analysis of the existing conditions, any potential problems with the site, and the what could be built on the site should they wish to do an addition or new home. That way, they can make an informed decision whether or not to purchase."

– Richard Blumenberg

Amy Taylor of Amalfi Estates is an excellent agent who secured and made the deal happen! She really cares and was always available to answer any of my questions. She is a true pleasure to work with. Thank you for making this new chapter of my life such an enjoyable process! I would highly recommend Amy for representation.

– Amy Rose

"Amy of Amalfi Estateswas awesome and very helpful. She made our move much less stressful and she was very knowledgable. Thank you!"

Sara Trepanier

"Amalfi Estates an office with professionals that make you feel at home!"

John Homestead

"I have been working in the real estate industry on the Westside for over 27 years. I do not know a Realtor who works harder or longer hours than Anthony of Amalfi Estates. His extreme knowledge and negotiating skills benefit his clientele and transfers down to his team so that they can successfully represent and consult friends and clients when they buy and sell homes."

David Griffin

"The Amalfi Estates organization exemplifies the utmost integrity and professionalism in the real estate industry. Whether a client is buying or selling a home, the partners and staff work as a cohesive team to provide a truly positive experience!"

Kathleen Hinson

"Working with Amalfi Estates was a true delight! They made the experience of finding the perfect home effortless and fun. Sarah Knauer is always available and ready to handle any obstacle that comes her way. We couldn't have done it without her dedication and passion."

– Chelsea Blackwell

"Only wonderful things to say! Their service is always professional and they consistently go above and beyond the status quo while always keeping their clients’ best interests in mind. Sarah Knauer is a delight to work with and made everything run smoothly!"

– Brittany Lehman

"Anthony and his team have shown that they truly care about my family and our home through a thorough process of selling our home and finding us a new one. I have never come across such a dedicated and knowledgeable group"

– Camille Knauer

"We are first time homebuyers -- scratch that -- homeOWNERS! What started as a crazy dream we wished for actually came true thanks to the incredible work of Trevor and Anthony. Buying a home for the first time can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially in this city/market, but not only were they always three steps ahead, incredibly caring and thoughtful -- they helped us purchase our dream home UNDER the budget we originally had through very smart negotiations. These guys bring a WEALTH of knowledge beyond anything I could have imagined and they do it with absolute class (and no wonder UCLA asked Anthony to teach real estate classes there).

NEVER were we made to feel like newbies (though we were) -- no detail or question was too small for them to carefully talk us through. Their attention to detail was unbelievable. Trevor was always there when we needed him... so, so bright, and his huge passion for realty was infectious and really shone through. And overall the process was so smooth I can hardly believe I am now holding the keys.

To think that there were 8 other offers on our home at the same time to boot... I mean... these are miracle realtors. Just a fantastic operation and experience overall and I can't imagine ever using anyone else. We feel so lucky to have worked with them. And will certainly be doing the same years from now... 10/10."

Matt Zien

"Anthony Marguleas and Sarah Knauer of Amalfi Estates, along with the entire Anthony Marguleas Team, are truly the most incredible realtors and most importantly, people in general, that I have ever had a chance to work with. I've had the pleasure of working with Anthony and his team now for several years and they are truly one of a kind. Their dedication and passion is like no other and it shows in how they take care of their clients as well as how they helps others who they works with in and around the community.

On a personal level, when my wife and I spoke with Anthony about wanting to buy a house in the near future, instead of trying to sell us right away, he gave us the opinion that based on the market and what we wanted, it made more sense to wait a little longer. Instead of trying to sell us a house right away, he cared enough to help us understand why it actually made more sense to wait instead of rushing into something just for the sake of buying. That type of guidance is just one of many reasons that make Anthony and his team such incredible people to work with.

I would strongly reccomend anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell a home in Pacific Palisades to work with Amalfi Estates and the Anthony Marguleas Team because at the end of the day you will be taken care of the right way and be very happy."

– Adam Glazer

"Anthony Marguelas and his team are extremely professional. All of their listings are beautifully staged and show like luxury real estate should. They give back to the community, and excel at providing exceptional customer service. A true gift to work with this team!"

– Shawn Cordon

Anthony is professional, honest and delightful to work with.

– Brenda Cox

This review ONLY pertains to Jeff Sandorf and is not inclusive of Anthony Marguleas. Jeff represented the buyers and we were the sellers in this transaction I'm writing this review on. Bottom line is: Jeff dragged out our escrow for 76 days! He was non-responsive, unprofessional very threatening throughout the entire process. He repeatedly sent us questions without actually moving the deal forward. He forced us to serve his clients a Notice to Perform (meaning even though they had 14 days to lift all contingencies, if they have not done so after say 21 days, we could force them to act). We never thought we would have to actually exercise that right. Well we did. And, we didn't find out there was a problem with the buyers' loans until the notice was served! We then asked Jeff if his clients needed an extension of escrow. He said no and that he believed escrow was going to close on time. So, we informed him that we are going to go ahead and sign a lease and we would need his clients to agree to pay us a per diem for each day post the escrow closing day. He then decides to inform us that it is impossible for them to close on time! But he still does not request for an extension. Our agent had to proactively send them an extension and estimate a closing date that was convenient for his client so that we could go and find a rental and sign a lease. I can go on and on with many more details. We don't typically write reviews but we do not want anyone else to go through what we went through with Jeff. Actually, we spoke to 2 other agents that said that they will choose not to work with Jeff on the other side of a transaction if they could (i.e. they would advise their clients not to take Jeff's offer if there was another choice). We're a month after closing now and receive an e-mail from Jeff wanting to change something major our executed contract regarding money that we had left in escrow for specific repairs AND accusing us of not disclosing something. I had to go back through tons of e-mails to find our disclosure and forward it back to him. What an unpleasant experience we had and are still having with Jeff Sandorf."

– Jenn Pullen

"Anthony of Amalfi Estatesrepresented us in the recent sale of our home in the Highlands neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. Our introduction to Anthony came via a close friend, who lavished praise on Anthony and Amalfi Estates. When he came to our house for our initial interview, Anthony was prepared, persuasive and articulate in his approach. He devoted considerable time explaining the overall market picture as well as the implications for the sub-markets in the Highlands.

"He offered suggestions for marketing and pricing the house as well as substantive recommendations for any necessary repairs. Our meeting was informative and comforting. We were thrilled to have found an agent in whom we could place our complete trust. Further, we could see that working with Anthony would be a process of collaboration; we would have an active voice in any decision-making."

– Marguerite M. Dorn
– David L. McEvoy

"I have worked with Anthony on 2 real estate purchase deals, 1 sale deal and one rental deal over the last 3 years. While many things have impressed me about Anthony, the most outstanding aspects are his dedication to his clients, his in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and industry in general, and his professionalism and integrity. Anthony is one of the few people who consistently do what he says he'll do, does it well and does it in a timely manner. He follows up with things (everything!) and that seems to be a rare quality in people these days. He was extremely thorough in understanding our needs and wants, in searching for the properties that met our needs and did not waste our time just showing us what was available. His ability to comprehensively analyze the properties for their fit for our needs, how they compare with other potential properties, what the true value of the property is, and therefore what the right bid price should be, combined with his expert negotiating skills, saved us well over $100,000 on each of the two purchases we made.I've recommended Anthony to anyone I've met who was looking to buy a house on the west side of LA. I can't emphasize enough how this is the guy you want on your side in today's high stakes real estate market."

– Don

"Anthony, working with you on a second purchase was an even better experience than the first. Without a doubt, you and your company are one of the hardest working, diligent and reliable services that I have encountered. In terms of customer service, following up and following through you are clearly ones to take lessons from. I have routinely referred Amalfi Estates to friends and associates who ask me how I was able to accomplish the purchase of both my homes. I will certainly do so based upon the certainty of belief that I have in Amalfi Estates ' ability to assist serious home buyers in the search, discovery and closure of the home buying process."

– Matt Candler

""Anthony and his team define professional real estate. Every listing emphasizes the unique properties of a home that is marketed to sell; always show ready, and impeccably staged to give the buyer a first impression designed to impress. A team of passionate, detailed, and first class agents"

– Shawn Cordon

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