About Joseph

For me, the most important part of my job has been the very thing that has set me apart: honesty. I believe the only way my clients can achieve their desired results is by arming them with the truth. I lead with honesty, even at times when it is difficult to deliver or it may not be what they want to hear. It may seem subtle or simple at first, but I believe the only way I succeed is by putting my client’s needs above my own and doing so with integrity.
Born in Santa Monica and growing up in Brentwood, I am able to offer my clients extensive local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the entire Westside of Los Angeles. Real estate became my passion during my formative years, while driving around Los Angeles analyzing investment properties with my father. Even as a child, I always loved the sound of new construction and the smell of fresh plaster. It wasn’t long before I decide to make selling homes my career.
Working in real estate since 1999, I have sold homes, trained new agents and managed offices. I truly love what I do and the team I work alongside daily.
I am Joseph Montemarano, a Los Angeles Realtor and I look forward to helping you exceed your goals.

Reach Joseph at:(310) 613-7777,  Joseph@amalfiestates.com

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